10 February 2018

Venue: RMA business-school
Nizhnyaya Siromyatnicheskaya st., 10/12

Time: 13.00 – 18.00

The conference is dedicated to issues of video art development of, various video art festivals’ running (from Biennale to Video Poetry Festival) in different countries.

Participants: Tomasz Wendland, Poland; Javier Robledo, Argentina; Marisol Bellusci, Argentina; Gabriel Soucheyre, France; Marina Fomenko, Russia.

Moderator - Marina Fomenko

Media Art Centre Now&After
Business-school RMA
Artplay Design Center


13.00 – Gabriel Soucheyre, director of VIDEOFORMES International Video and Digital Arts Festival

VIDEOFORMES is a structure for diffusion and artistic production which annually organizes, since 1986, an international video and digital art festival. The festival highlights various artistic forms such as installations, videos, performances and multidisciplinary digital creations. The event is a chance to bring internationally renowned artists (such as  Bill Viola, Gary Hill, Catherine Ikam, Pierrick Sorin, Chris Marker, Samuel Rousseau, Ko Nakajima, John Sanborn) and young artists face to face. Beyond the festival, VIDEOFORMES takes part into regional, national and international cultural events, and initiates a policy of artists-in-residency. While the festival offers a programme including multidisciplinary as well as experimental performances (vidéobars), it also publishes a magazine (Turbulences Vidéo) on a monthly basis and provides artistic and cultural initiatives for a young public.
Screening of Videoformes’ program “Art Life matters! Another end of the world is possible.”

14.25 – coffee-break

14.35 – Tomasz Wendland, director of MEDIATIONS BIENNALE , presentation of Mediations Biennale selection.

Mediations Biennale, Poznań, started in 2007, as a result of annual Inner Spaces Festival organized since 1993. It is a very long story of transformations of contemporary art, its content and variety of art languages and expressions. Our mission is to mediate between variety of attitudes of different cultures, civilizations, media, generations and offer a platform geographically placed between Asia and Europe. In my small presentation I would like to show both: video art engaged in different social and personal themes, as well as different forms of expressions referred to a moving image. I present both works by some very well-known artists, and by the students as well.

16.00 - 16.15 – coffee-break

16.15 - 17.45 – a speech by Javier Robledo, director of VideoBardo VideoBardo International Videopoetry Festival (by skype) and Marisol Bellusci, VideoBardo curator.

Screening of Videobardo selection.

Founded by poetry magazine Bardo in 1996, VideoBardo is a collective whose interests lie in the field of poetry, video and independent art. Its purpose is to create an archive, disseminate, research and teach the language of Video Poetry. VideoBardo organizes International Festival of Video Poetry VideoBardo, showing programs in museums and cultural centers in Argentina and other countries.

17.45 - 18.00 – Marina Fomenko, director of International Video Art Festival Now&After

International Videoart Festival Now&After has been carried out in Moscow since 2011. Now&After focuses on presentation, development and promotion both Russian and international video art, getting together emerging and established artists from around the world to present their works to general audience. Now&After takes place at different contemporary art venues. Now&After was held at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, at the State Museum of Gulag History, at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture, at the State Darwin Museum and at CCI Fabrika.

This year Now&After’18 is held at ARTPLAY Design Center from 7th to 16th February 2018.

About participants:

Marisol Bellusci, Argentina. Curator and producer of VideoBardo International Videopoetry Festival; artist and member of the Cultural Art Research Center and Universidad Nacional de las Artes.

Irina Gorlova, Russia. Art expert, curator, head of the Contemporary Art Department of the State Tretyakov gallery. Has curated numerous projects in Russia, France, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Austria and others.

Javier Robledo – director of VideoBardo International Videopoetry Festival

Gabriel Soucheyre, France. Director of VIDEOFORMES, International Videoart and Digital Arts Festival in Clermont-Ferrand since 1986, and the VIDEOFORMES Digital Archive; editor of Turbulences Video (video art and Digital Culture quarterly magazine); curator for the Galerie de l'art du temps. Participated in many national and international events as curator or jury member. Teacher at 'Université Clermont Auvergne', Clermont-Ferrand. Producer, vlogger and videomaker.

Tomasz Wendland, Poland. PhD. hab., artist, curator, professor in Academy of Arts in Szczecin, Poland. Since 2007 - director of Mediations Biennale, Poznań; since 2005 - director MONA (Museum of the Newest Art), Poznań; since 2012 - director of an international project Hotel de Inmigrantes. Curated exhibitions in Belgium, Indonesia, Japan, China, Korea, Germany, Uruguay, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Turkey and Poland.

Marina Fomenko, artist and curator, director of International Video Art Festival Now&After, director of Media Art Centre Now&After.

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