Performances at Now&After`17


July 11th, from 7pm to 9pm, performances by Vladimir Kolesnikov "Personal Time" and Maria Sarkisyants "The Garden of Stones" (Lisa Morozova’s course graduates) will be shown at the International Video Art Festival Now&After`17.

Vladimir Kolesnikov "Personal Time"
The concept of personal time can imply both the moments free from other issues, that a person devotes to providing people with information about time, and his own rhythm of life, perhaps not related with astronomical time. During the performance spectators can observe how the performer's time displayed by the manual switching of numbers, differs from the astronomical time shown by the working clock, as well as from the spectator's own feelings.

Maria Sarkisyants "Rock Garden"
An observation of how one can "acquire weights" and get used to act with them. You may ask for help or liberate yourself to become free and do whatever you want. I tie the stones to my body. I create a pattern using stones, coal and paint. I get rid of stones with or without the help of others.

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