VIDEOFORMES International Festival of Digital Arts collection within Now&AfterТ16 special program


4.11 - «Humans Live Dangerously» program of VIDEOFORMES International Festival of Digital Arts, France. Curated by Gabriel Soucheyre (Tower of the Exhibition Building, all day long).

Generally speaking, most artists are concerned with the same issues as their contemporary fellow citizens. Some may virtually create potential and fictive futures, some others are involved in everyday and more practical fights and struggles and many on aesthetics, philosophical or poetical dimensions. When it comes to environmental topics, it is no surprise to witness how much the art world was impacted by and since the 2004 tsunami, with a growing urge after the 2011 Fukushima tsunami. Lots of videos have been produced and still are about nuclear dangers and more generally about nature and humans perverted relationship to it. The following selection is just a small sample of how artists, in their own language and their different talents and skills express their commitments and sensitiveness.

Hugo Arcier, Fiction 1, France, 2011, 01:22
José Man Lius, Homme Fontaine, France, 2011, 05:00
Ethem Ozguven, Ecosystem film “Seal”, Turkey, 00:23
Grayson Cooke, Frack, New Zealand, 2015, 08:19
Momoko Seto, Planet A, France, 2008, 07:40
Ethem Ozguven, Ecosystem film “Soil”, Turkey, 00:56
Bilgi Diren Günes, Natürmorg, Turkey, 2014, 03:10
Reynold Reynolds, Secret Life, USA, 2008, 10:30
Nicola Bettale, T’as bien consommé aujourd’hui?, Italy, 2011, 04:12
Ethem Ozguven, Sea Turtle, Turkey, 00:26
Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri & Gianluca Abbate, Microbiome, Italy, 2013, 05:00

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