Now&After at [.BOX], Milan


Now&After'15 collection «A Space We Choose. 01» will be presented at [.BOX], Milan, Italy from April 14 to April 24 2016
Curated by Marina Fomenko
Luca Ferri, Giulia Vallicelli, Dario Agazzi, Ridotto Mattioni, Italy, 10:00, 2014
Zaoli Zhong, We Are Walking on the Same Great Road, USA, 12:08, 2014
Anuk Miladinovic", Access, Switzerland, 9:17, 2012
Marina Fomenko, Depot (Adaptation), Russia, 8:45, 2014
Susanne Wiegner, Kafka’s Room, Germany, 3:30, 2012
Tushar Waghela, The Home, India, 4:54, 2013
Dasha Vlasova, Leave Me Alone, Russia, 2:22, 2013
Marco Fedele di Catrano, Untitled, Switzerland, 5:30, 2014
Lucie Libotte, Dust Matter(s)2, UK , 2:45, 201

Copyright (c) Now&After. International Video Art Festival in Moscow
Director/curator Marina Fomenko. All rights reserved.