June 16th, Now&AfterТ15 presents AV-arkki guest program


June 16th,Now&After’15 presents AV-arkki (Finland) guest program Space Tripper.

11.00 – 20.00 —“Ruined” Wing, 3d floor

Curated by Hanna Joensuu & Vesa Puhakka.

Lauri Astala “Transit” (2014, 09:30) 
Sari Palosaari “Showerama” (2006, 02:54) 
Dave Berg “Barbieworld Experience Part 1. — Overture” (2014, 03:32) 
Tuomas A. Laitinen “Rising” (2010, 16:53) 
Erkka Nissinen “Material Conditions of Inner Spaces” (2014, 15:29)
Timo Vaittinen “In Da Clud” (2006, 00:55)
Ewa Gorzna “Rearranged” (2014, 09:47) 
Jukka Silokunnas “Structural Change” (2012, 01:06)


Besides, we show the whole festival’s program on a daily basis: 9 subject collections on 9 screens, which contain all works, and also the whole program in Ruin cinema hall and one day video installations “Video Now”/guest programs. 

Schedule of one day video installations/guest programs can be found on festival’s website.

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