The area where video comes in contact with photography – that is what all project’s artworks have in common. The project is organized by Media Art Centre “Now&After” with the support of CCI “Fabrika”.

Video is motion, photography is stop. They are not identical and not interchangeable. There is a border line between them. But there is also a conterminal area, where the distinction between video and photo tends to zero. Video freezes, mimicking photo; photos get mobile, turning to video; motion gets into a trap of photo camera.

A video that strives to become a photograph, leaving only a hint to motion - that’s “Memory #2” by Badr El Hammami.

Photographic portraits made with video camera or photographically made video portraits – in Filip Gabriel Pudło’s video named “Collection” the author examines the family album tradition and images created by modern media.

The history of life in photos, found in a trash can, newly invented and told by Clemens Wilhelm in the film “Peter Is Dead”.

Alec Von Bargen in his project “Feminae” turns pictures into video, making portrait move by using hundreds of still frames.

In “Depot (adaptation)” video by Marina Fomenko the transformation of Circular locomotive depot of the Nikolayev Railway  is represented by interlacing and interpenetration of video and photo.

In Alexandra Mitlyanskaya’s film “Uve’s Friends” the photographic stillness of the room contacts with life outside the window.

Tomoyuki Sakaguchi in his “Window” photo series and Michael Wolf with his series “Tokyo compression”  are snatching out of moving metro trains the portraits of people, whose movement never stops.

Photographer Tokihiro Sato while working on his “Breathing Shadows” project has been shooting every piece for several hours, catching every movement of light.

Marina Fomenko


Marina Fomenko, Andrey Martynov



Clemens Wilhelm, Germany, “Peter Is Dead”

Michael Wolf, Germany, “Tokyo compression”

Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Russia, Uve’s Friends

Filip Gabriel Pudło, Poland, “Collection”

Tomoyuki Sakaguchi, Japan, “Window”

Tokihiro Sato, Japan, “Breathing Shadows”

Marina Fomenko, Russia, “Depot (adaptation)”

Alec Von Bargen, Mexico, “Feminae” 

Badr El Hammami, France, “Memory #2”


Interview with Marina Fomenko

Copyright (c) Now&After. International Video Art Festival in Moscow
Director/curator Marina Fomenko. All rights reserved.