June 3th - a special program of


This year Cologne International Videoart Festival  CologneOFF is a special guest of International Video Art Festival "Now & After".  CologneOFF is a well-known mobile festival acting simultaneously online and offline without static festival location. Its offline programs take place at the venues of the partner festivals around the world.

June 3th  all day long  the program CologneOFF VII - The Best of Art & The City, special selection curated by director of CologneOFF Wilfried Agricola de Colon will be shown at "Now & After’12" .


Francesca Fini (Italy) - Oasis in the Desert, 2010, 5:00
Matthias Härenstam (Sweden) - Closed Circuit, 2011, 3:01
Renata Gaspar & Marcin Dudek (Poland) - Axis, 2010, 3:07 min.
Albert Merino (Spain) - Les Bagneurs, 2010, 3:50
Johanna Reich ( Germany) - A State of Crystal, 2010, 3’19
Yuriy Kruchak, Yulia Kostereva (Ukraine) - Framing West, 2009, 2:46
My Name is Scot (Canada) - Independance, 2011, 7:56
Liu Wei (China) - Hopeless Land, 2009, 7:28
Cinzia Sarto (Italy) - Dirty Vacation, 2005, 7:00
Oksana Chepelyk (Ukraine) - Urban Multimedia Utopia: 10:00, 2002
Ramon Suau Lleal (Spain) – Hoax, 2010, 4:23


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